This blog is just a way for us to share what we’re up to (and how cute the kiddos are!) with our faraway family and friends. I also use this blog as a kind of digital baby book for Lucas and Sophie.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I will be PRAYING and sending endless HEALING ENERGY to Miss Sophie and I will be keeping up with her recovery so thank you for making this blog for all of us. Bless you and may God send hls endless army of angels to stand by Sophie’s side. Much love to you!


  2. I have found out about an amazing product that has been able to help many with different forms of cancer. High voltage colloidal silver and gold has been misunderstood or out right suppressed as far as the medical establishment goes. I reinvented a machine to produce it because the health food stores are too expensive and not strong enough. The plans and info or on youtube search Himacmovieman, but if you contact me i will send some more information and some product for free to help your Sophie, I have 2 grandchildren oldest ones name is Sophie she is 5 bruce@himacresearch.com


  3. Hi there, I just saw sweet Sophie on Indiegogo while looking to set up a fundraiser for another brain cancer kiddo. Our son is fighting brain cancer and he has a little sister who looks just like Sophie. We’re with you! Sending our love and holding you all close. We also have a nonprofit and would love to send Sophie a special gift box. If someone could just fill out this form (http://www.givemaxlove.org/pages/love-and-light-request) we’ll get a package out asap. Sending so much love! Love, Team SuperMax


  4. Just heard. Hugs to all of you from all of us. Tell Lucas and Sophie that Max, Faye and Andy say Hi. We are available for play dates.
    The Volenicks


  5. We have been keeping up with Sophie through Andrea and all of your ordeal. There are so many sending prayers for Sophie and you all – people are touched by her everywhere. Remember the 23rd Psalm: “The Lord is my shelpherd;” it always is comforting to me even in the most difficult times. We are still praying for you all!


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