Lucas’ Annual Birthday Interview, age 8

12345678▪ Favorite colors: “blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, clear, silver, gold and navy.”
▪ Favorite activities: “go to “Jump” (a trampoline park), ride bikes with Daddy, play Minecraft, and build things”
▪ Favorite toys: “Legos”
▪ Favorite friends: “Luca and Mira”
▪ Favorite foods:  “soy glazed salmon, peaches, pineapples”
▪ Favorite book: “Harry Potter books”
▪ What makes you happiest? “being with Gigi and snuggling Mommy Daddy and Mateo”
▪ What do you want to be when you grow up? “a scientist and an inventor”
▪ What new thing would you like to try this year? “algebra”
▪ Where in the world would you like to go on vacation some day? “Kyoto, Japan”
▪ What do you love to learn about? “science, physics and nature”
▪ What are you really good at? “math and also going into the woods by myself.”
▪ Which three words describe you? “fun, playful, happy”
▪ What will you be doing in 10 years?  “Driving!”
▪ Please give me a recipe: “mix flour, water and dandelions and smash it up in a tea holder and put it in the fridge.”
▪ Give some advice/words of wisdom to Mommy: and to Daddy: “you should make a torch.”
▪ Describe a perfect day: “I would have all the custom Minecraft mods I ever wanted and all my friends would be available for playdates and I would eat my favorite foods and we would go to a hotel!”
▪ How would you spend a million dollars? “I would buy a giant mansion and a cool car”
▪ What’s your favorite family/holiday tradition? “When Daddy dresses up as a gorilla at Halloween and scares all the kids from the front porch!”
▪ STATS: Lucas is 49.5 inches tall (40th percentile), 54 lbs (40th percentile), and he wears size 7-8 tops, 6-7 pants and kids’ size 3.5 shoes.

JKB_0633 JKB_0637b JKB_0641b JKB_0630JKB_0643


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