Happy 8th Birthday Lucas

IMG_1179smLucas had a pottery painting party this year and it was a big success! This is also the first year I’ve been able manage and redirect all the intense boy-energy without someone ruining the games planned, crying, or attempting to run amok in the neighborhood. 😮😬 While we waited for everyone to arrive, the boys started wrestling and throwing things and piling on top of eachother so I harnessed that craziness into a game of Red Rover, a suitcase dressing race that was a huge hit, IMG_1154smand while STILL waiting for everyone to show up, an unplanned jumping-off-the-couch contest. All went well and after burning that steam they were ready to sit down and paint. Afterwards we ate pizza and cake and sent the kids home jacked up on sugar! 😉 Lucas had a great day and is happy to be EIGHT!

IMG_1165 IMG_1166sm IMG_1168 IMG_1169


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