Mateo at 1 month

Mateo’s status update at one month can really only include how he’s eating and sleeping- as that’s all that babies do at this age! But in order to report on that, i have to include the fact that Mateo began his life with a laryngomalacia diagnosis- which affects both eating and sleeping. Laryngomalacia means softened or floppy larynx (voicebox). Each of his inhalations is accompanied by a high pitched squeak as he tries to draw air in through the cartilage in his windpipe that’s flopping closed on itself. And when it’s not squeaking it sounds scary and obstructed. But since he’s only turning blue around his mouth and nowhere else then he is reportedly getting enough oxygen that we dont need to intervene medically. Most kids grow out of this condition by age 2 at the latest, though a lot are better earlier than that. Some need surgery, feeding tubes, supplemental oxygen or apnea monitors. Teo’s ENT sent a scope camera down his throat and determined he was not a surgical candidate at this time though we will reassess that in a couple months. His feeding specialist doesn’t think he needs a feeding tube until he starts refusing feeds or stops gaining weight at the appropriate rate. Which usually doesn’t happen til 3-4 months old. So that’s all good news.

It’s been difficult to find positions that maximize Teo’s breathing capacity (left side and belly sleeping are the winners) and it’s been difficult to feed him as he cant coordinate breathing and swallowing very well. It takes 45-60 min to feed him (double to triple the time it should take since it’s such hard work for him) and then he’s right back asleep- either in arms or in a vibrating infant lounger. He sleeps about 1-2 hrs before he wakes for a diaper change and feed. We occasionally have about 5 min of alert time (if any) before he starts crying. We are looking forward to his 2nd month with hopes that he starts to find some relief from his discomfort, has some alert awake time and learns to smile! 🙂

Mateo’s one month stats:  Height: 21″ (25th percentile) Weight: 9lbs 7 oz (35th percentile)

JKB_0606bw JKB_0608bw


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