Lucas’ Birthday Interview

I ask him these same questions every year. Love this chance to talk with Lucas about his favorites and to show him how much we value his thoughts, his dreams and HIM!


The photo above is from Carter Mountain Orchard here in Charlottesville. We took the first photo just before his 4th birthday and once every year after!

▪ STATS: Lucas is 47.5 inches tall (40th percentile), 50 lbs (40th percentile), and he wears size 6-7 tops, 6-Slim pants and kids’ size 13 shoes.

▪ Favorite colors: “shiny orange, bright yellow, highlighter pink, blank white, light green”

▪ Favorite activities: “swimming, rock scrambling, singing, eating”

▪ Favorite toys: “Legos and iPad”
▪ Favorite friends: “Lily, Mira, Luca, Josh, Leo”
▪ Favorite foods:  “soy glazed salmon, peaches, pineapples”
▪ Favorite book: “Jack and Annie’s Magic Tree House series”
▪ What makes you happiest? “Mommy, Daddy, and snuggling while watching a video together”
▪ What do you want to be when you grow up? “a scientist, an inventor, and a city pool snack bar attendant”
▪ What new thing would you like to try this year? “singing lessons”
▪ Where in the world would you like to go on vacation some day? “China, Japan, and Vietnam”
▪ What do you love to learn about? “math, reading and writing”
▪ What are you really good at? “being a cat”
▪ Which three words describe you? “I’m kind, smart, active, and I’m a weirdo!”
▪ What will you be doing in 10 years?  “Driving!”
▪ Please give me a recipe: “Mix walnuts and oats and nutella and put it in an ice-cream cone. Put strawberries on top. It’s called a Super Dump.”
▪ Give some advice/words of wisdom to Mommy: and to Daddy: “You should go in the woods with me and watch Pokemon with me.”
▪ Describe a perfect day: “I would have lots of screen time and play Minecraft with Daddy, and I would paint our back woods with silver spray paint and we would all spend time together with Mosby and Gigi too and I wouldn’t fall out of a tree.”
▪ How would you spend a million dollars? “I would buy lots of shiny spray paint, and have an awesome house and fun backyard with lots of trails and give some to poor people and save some too.”
▪ What’s your favorite family/holiday tradition? “I like lots of things! Easter egg hunting and when the kitchen is decorated for my birthday and when I come downstairs Christmas morning and the presents are out!”


2 thoughts on “Lucas’ Birthday Interview

  1. Jenna, I love the questions you and Laith ask Lucas! What a wonderful idea. It will be something to cherish your whole life and especially for Lucas as he ages. So many of his responses were thoughtful and funny!


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