In One Week…

In exactly one week, Sophie would be turning 4 years old. I find myself getting more and more emotional and anxious as this date approaches. September was National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and that was hard enough to handle the barrage of daily reminders through social media, emails, and snail mails that there are SO MANY children and families struggling through the heartache of cancer and it’s painful treatment. And so MANY who no longer are fighting the disease because their babies are gone. It’s all so heavy and makes me miss Sophie so much. But worse of all, these stats and photos and awareness campaigns make me focus on how horrendous 2013 was for us and what trauma and sadness Sophie had to endure for a third of her life. I don’t want to remember the worst parts. I want to remember who Sophie was during the brief moments she was happy last year. And remember her joyful, playful, sweet personality before cancer stole her. And that can pretty much be wrapped up and represented in a cupcake.IMG_8178smSophie has always loved cupcakes. Except she called them “cup-bakes”. It was mostly the candles that made them so appealing to her. So in recognition of Sophie’s 4th birthday, I think that it would help us emotionally if we celebrated what she loved (trains would be a bit too painful for me- a cupcake is more light-hearted with less heavy meaning that could be read into it). ABC_0212sm

If our friends and family would like to celebrate Sophie too and remember her in a way that doesn’t make our hearts hurt so much, please get yourself a cupcake this weekend. And put a candle on it if you want! We would love to see pictures of you with your “cupbake” if you could email it or post it on Facebook on Sophie’s birthday. It would bring us smiles on a day that will otherwise be quite hard for us.

IMG_3832sm IMG_4079smHere she is pointing to the Mommy Cupcake and the Baby Cupcake on her shoes:   IMG_0618


4 thoughts on “In One Week…

  1. My heart breaks for all of you, I can’t imagine the depth of your pain. Sophie was such a beautiful baby girl, not here long enough; I don’t understand why God takes our children 💔
    We will make cupcakes for Sophie’s 4th bday, we will also take treats to the kitties at the shelter in her honor & for Gigi. We will post pictures for you too.
    I pray for strength and comfort during Sophie’s bday and always ❤️
    God bless,
    Aushna & Team Alex


  2. Glad to hear from you and that you were able to spend some quality time with her and your families before you lost her . I hear that she was a real angel and Gd must have wanted her for something special and she is now safe and in a better place without more suffering . We are praying for you and Sophie regularly. Love Uncle Ray and Aunt Hillary


  3. Jenna, there are no words. I hope you will be surrounded by happy reminders of Sophie, always. We’ll gladly pick up some cupcakes from our local bakery to celebrate. I just love her blowing out the candle at the end of the video. Though we never had the chance to meet Sophie in real life, we grieve for her and with you nonetheless. Sending love and strength and peaceful vibes your way.


  4. Dear Vincent Family, I have followed your journey on Karen’s FB page. On Monday my grandchildren and I will have cupcakes in Sophie’s honor. We will be sure to light the candles and say a prayer for all of you. When I was 9, my little brother died. I know the impact of the loss of a sibling so young, but I can’t imagine your pain. It took me years to understand why my parents changed so much. Our lives were never the same. My parents loved us, as you love your son, but they were forever marked by the horrible grief of losing their child. Throughout this year I have often wondered how you are all doing. I say a silent prayer for comfort and healing for you and rejoice that, however painful the loss, Sophie is healed. My words are so inadequate, but please know that Sophie had a profound impact on so many – including those of us who never met her. We grieve with you and hold you close in heart.


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