The day after Thanksgiving was clear and bright with no icy blasts of wind like we had the past couple of days up on the mountain. We took advantage of our hillside location and went sledding! Sophie was too uncomfortable to stay out more than 5 minutes, but that was fine with me- I just wanted to watch the kids sled a few times and then hurry up to get some hot chocolate! 🙂

CAT_0210bsm CAT_0211sm CAT_0216sm CAT_0218sm CAT_0219sm CAT_0228sm CAT_0240sm CAT_0246sm CAT_0250sm CAT_0269sm CAT_0273sm CAT_0288sm CAT_0300sm CAT_0304smCAT_0286sm CAT_0329smCAT_0321sm CAT_0312smCAT_0326sm


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