More Pictures From the Kids’ Birthdays

Lucas had a Halloween-themed party and asked his friends to dress up!IMG_4202smIMG_4208sm

We played a game where the kids tried to wrap eachother up like mummies


And I did a game where the kids put their hands in covered bowls to guess the monster’s body parts (packaged cherries were eyeballs, candy corn was teeth, spaghetti was intestines, etc). It got a little out of hand and the kids started stuffing the food in their mouths! That was my clear signal it was time to move on to pizza and cake!


Lucas picked this Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Cake and wanted this written on it. 🙂ABC_0388smABC_0392smIMG_4189smSophie was so excited about her birthday. She played birthday pretend games and sang to herself and all her animals 100s of times 🙂
IMG_3832sm Gigi seemed to enjoy it too! 🙂IMG_4079sm Pink Hello Kitty crocs with Thomas & Friends accessories!!IMG_4186smIMG_4190sm


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