Late September in C-ville


Dad and Janice visited and helped us adjust to having our family all together again. We’ve essentially been living apart for the past 10 months- with 1-2 week stints of being all together during the rare occasions Sophie wasn’t in the hospital. It was nice to do normal things like a visit to the apple orchard!img_3440sm IMG_3436bw IMG_3433sm Lucas never missed a beat with the neighborhood kidsIMG_3410sm Sophie was so happy to be back home. And we are happy that we can start working on recovering some of her lost function due to not only the surgery but to the long hospital stays and ICU visits where she got extraordinarily weak. Here’s Laith helping Sophie with drawing:ABC_0180sm ABC_0178sm

She’s enjoying art again! She’s recently been able to paint a circle again too! Here’s Sophie at the awesome art room at Children’s National Medical Center. We had to go up for an emergency MRI when there was some question as to whether radiation had caused some swelling that was blocking the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. All was good.IMG_3687sm

And it was cool to see her neuro-oncologist had made it onto the new wall mural! IMG_3685sm

Back at home, Kitty keeps close watch as usual. IMG_3706sm





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