Last Day of Radiation

The awesome nurses decorated Sophie’s room to celebrate her final radiation treatment!
20130918_080055bsm20130918_082908smAnd then they brought her a couple of presents!!!20130918_080517sm20130918_080335smTotally the perfect toy for Sophie. She plays with this almost daily back at home!
20130918_081420smWhen the radiation was completed and she woke from anesthesia, she got to bang the gong to signify that she was finished! There was lots of clapping.20130918_111519sm

Now Sophie had another surprise in store…

IMG_4278sm IMG_4301sm

This is Gigi.

ABC_0089sm ABC_0096sm

Sophie’s new kitty!!!

While Karen was visiting and helping me with Sophie during the last week of August, we had an unusually not-hot day and decided to park farther away and walk to her therapy appts so that we could enjoy the weather. On our way, a Staff Person? Student? Random Stranger? came out of the adjacent building and pointedly told us (with great excitement) that there were SPCA animals visiting and we could go pet them! But we better hurry because they were leaving in half an hour. Sophie adores dogs and we thought it would brighten her day to go see them real quick. Well, when we arrived, we read (out loud) a sign on a door that said there was a cat in there and she was trying to escape so shut the door quickly behind you if you enter! Well, Sophie was practically lunging out of my arms to go see this wild cat and couldn’t be persuaded to see the doggies instead. So we went in, sat down, and immediately the little black cat sat in Sophie’s lap, purring as loud as a lawn mower. She circled around Sophie’s body, wrapping her up in her tail, nuzzling her and clearly both Sophie and Kitty were totally smitten with eachother. People started coming in to witness the extreme cuteness and take pictures of these two who were clearly meant to be together! When it was time to leave for our appts, Kitty literally claimed Sophie by hugging her with both her paws! Looked to me like we had a new family member.


I’ve never had a cat before and I’m definitely more of a dog person, but we couldn’t say no to this:



A wonderful woman who worked at Penn Medicine volunteered to foster Gigi for us until Sophie completed her treatment 3 weeks later. We were so grateful that she was willing to do this for us! A week later she invited us to her house for a labor day lunch and another visit with Gigi.
photo-14sm photo-10sm photo-9smIt wasn’t a fluke, Gigi was just as sweet and playful and affectionate as the day we met her. We knew now that she was ours! Thank you so much Heather and family for your kindness and generosity in so many ways! You’re forever part of our family story!

Here are a few pics from the day Laith and Sophie picked up Gigi to take her home!IMG_4311sm IMG_4287sm IMG_4273sm

On the SIX HOUR drive home, Sophie spent the ENTIRE time watching, giggling at and chatting to Gigi in the crate next to her. No videos, books, or toys needed for the whole drive!!!IMG_3494smHome at last! Everyone loves the new kitty!IMG_3804sm IMG_3585sm IMG_3529sm IMG_3513sm IMG_3511sm


4 thoughts on “Last Day of Radiation

  1. This post made me tear up. So happy for all of you that radiation is over and you get to be at home. With a new family member, no less! And what wonderful nurses Sophie has had!


  2. Love it! Love to see Sophie so engaged and happy! Love to see that you got a good size cat carrier instead of something really tiny the cat can barely fit in. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs to your whole family and continued good health and happiness!


  3. I’m so incredibly happy that Gigi found Sophie. Those two were clearly meant to be together and it’s so wonderful to see the joy that she has brought Sophie.


  4. My deepest sympathy and sorrow for your family. A beautiful sweet Angel gone too soon. I’ll treasure her pictures always. Thank you for sharing sweet Sophie and allowing me to paint her PNF’s. ๐Ÿ’–


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