Fun in Philly

Our family was able to spend nearly 2 weeks together in Philadelphia before we had to separate for the next month while one parent stayed with Sophie and the other went home to work/care for Lucas/send him to school! We made the most of being in such a cool city and went on lots of outings!

First Up: The Please Touch Museum! I went here as a kid too! The museums and parks are so grand- I think they have DC beat with the beauty of the architecture! With all the potential for germs in a place named “please touch”, this was a Lucas and Mommy outing only.


Next: Fort Mifflin! This was a fort during the Civil War. I was too tired and brain-fried to read up on the history, but I’m sure it’s fascinating. We mainly came for the ghosts! Fort Mifflin is considered one of the most haunted places in America. There was an episode of Ghost Hunters filmed here! We heard unmistakable war-time drummer-boy sounds in one of the dark ammunition caves, and Laith felt a shivering electricity in the back of a storage barn where we weren’t even expecting to encounter anything at all! Disappointingly, the place that is supposed to be the most haunted, “Casemate 5”- which is a bomb shelter and was also used as a prison, wasn’t scary at all! Still a very fun visit. Lucas loved scaring himself! 🙂

IMG_2808sm IMG_2810sm IMG_2818sm IMG_2820sm IMG_2828sm IMG_2842sm IMG_2984sm IMG_2996smIMG_2993sm
The Philadelphia Zoo is definitely the best I’ve been to. The layout is nice with mostly-shaded walkways and HUGE habitats for the animals. Plus, there are lots of animal encounters we can participate in! Horse rides and feeding nectar to the lorikeets were favorites. We also had the chance to go for a tethered helium balloon ride- with a view of the city 400 feet in the air!

IMG_3283bsmIMG_2949sm IMG_2953sm IMG_3122sm IMG_3126sm IMG_3132csm
IMG_3378sm IMG_3390sm

The submarine self-guided tour was so interesting! I can’t imagine living in one of those for even a week!IMG_2891sm The doorways throughout the sub were all tiny portals like this! IMG_2897sm IMG_2901sm IMG_2905sm IMG_2907sm

This part seemed so strange to me: A fancy dining room with a cannon in it!


IMG_2892smThe surrey rentals were great fun! We got to pedal through Fairmount Park and see Boathouse Row, where my Dad used to spend a lot of his college time rowing for Penn!

IMG_2862sm IMG_2864sm IMG_2868sm The Penn Boathouse (does it look the same, Dad?) 🙂img_2869b


1 thought on “Fun in Philly

  1. Beautiful pictures Jenna and a great accounting of everything that Sophie has been through while in Philadelphia. Of course we did Ft. Mifflin, the zoo and the submarine tour when Kevin was younger. Forgot how little those doors in the submarine were. I don’t think I would last a night! Thanks so much for keeping everyone informed – what a wonderful way to communicate!
    Love, Aunt Kate
    P.S. We saw you down here at the shore when you were in your 20’s. Remember we went to the boardwalk and had pizza, ice cream and you and your Mom took pictures in the picture booth? You also played your guitar for us.


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