Chemo Round 6

The last round of chemo ended with a bang. But not the good kind of bang. It included kidney failure (reversible when caused by chemo, thank goodness), colitis, and a severe rejection of her anti-fungal medicine for her liver which included vomitting every 2 hours and 6-8 bouts of diarrhea each day. All in all a 22 day stay including several days in the ICU. We honestly would have said NO if there were a Round 7. Her body had undeniably reached it’s limit. What makes this all SO MUCH WORSE is that there was nothing gained from nearly killing her (more than once) from this poisonous chemo sludge. We kept at it these past 7 months because there was always the chance that it would shrink the tumor after one more round, one more variation on the chemical combos- and because the tumor itself will eventually kill her if we can’t get rid of it. Photos and testimonials of other little brain cancer survivors who endured even worse (if you can imagine), made it through treatment and recovered some of their previous health were what kept us going. Sophie can be a survivor too and we have to try everything to fight for her life- as painful as the process is for all of us. We are so glad to be done with this intense portion of her treatment and are actually looking forward to the “break” she will get while undergoing proton beam radiation in Philadelphia next.


The kidney failure made her so unquechably thirsty that her sippy cup became her new comfort object:

IMG_1893sm IMG_1932sm

Luckily Sophie is one tough kid and as soon as she was no longer in renal failure (and simply had elevated blood lab values that could cause problems if not managed carefully), she began playing again:


Every time Laith and I switched places and it was his turn to care for Sophie and my turn to spend time with Lucas, we went on outings. We both needed to get out and distract ourselves from the stress.

IMG_1920sm IMG_1944sm IMG_2008sm IMG_2013sm IMG_2014sm IMG_1997sm IMG_1998sm IMG_2034sm Unfortunately this outing to the bounce house didn’t end well…IMG_2043smLucas broke his ulna. Even though it was fractured clear through and was displaced by a millimeter, he only needed a removable arm splint.brokenArmIMG_2188smIMG_2189smBack at the hospital: Sophie is feeling better and was moved to a room in a quieter wing. On July 4th, some soldiers came to distribute “medals of bravery” to the little kids spending the holiday in the hospital. Sophie somehow knew these guys were something special and was pretty excited about the visit and the medal.IMG_2149sm Untitled-1smLater we had a fun visit with the Moore family. Sophie was so happy to have friends in her room!

IMG_2160sm Our last couple days in the hospital Sophie was feeling really great and her lab results were almost at acceptable levels:IMG_2203sm Our favorite hospital visitor: the music therapist!!IMG_2222sm IMG_2231sm

Welcome home, Junie!

IMG_2239smIMG_2238smIMG_2470smIMG_2354sm IMG_2337sm


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