June photos. Pre-Round 6

IMG_1293sm IMG_1321sm IMG_1325sm IMG_1332sm IMG_1339sm img_1386sm IMG_1399bsm IMG_1416sm IMG_1423sm IMG_1487smABC_7926sm IMG_1507sm IMG_1546sm


3 thoughts on “June photos. Pre-Round 6

  1. WOW! On a bike even! She can pull through Round 6 too! Go Sophie! We love you and are praying for you every single day!!! Love, the Moores


  2. i’ve been praying for your whole family for months now! thank you for sharing photos with us so we can continue pray and see up updates in sophie’s healing process. that little girl is a miracle! i pray that she will be fine.


  3. Wow what a great story which i hope you can get published some day with a very happy ending You are such loving and sensitive parents and it shows in all you have done and shared with all of us, You are always in our daily prayers, Hugs to all of you Uncle Ray and Aunt Hillary


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