Round 5 and Family Time

Sophie and I arrived early for her pre-chemo appts and labs. Here she is looking “thrilled” to be back at the hospital. IMG_0871sm She enjoyed the downtime in the condo. I took this photo to show that she’s starting to use her right hand occasionally! IMG_0886sm Day One of chemo requires super awesome fun shoes. She loves looking at the Thomas paint and then showing me the “mommy cupcake” and the “baby cupcake” paintings on the other side 🙂IMG_0889sm We tried to keep things fun:IMG_1052smIMG_1059sm Until she got too fatiguedIMG_1119sm Then we found out the antifungal we were using to treat liver lesions wasn’t working. She had to be upgraded to a hard-on-the-kidneys, vomit-inducing stronger medication and detained at the hospital 2 weeks instead of discharging. After a while she became uninterested in toys, art, and books. She only wanted to lie down.IMG_1152sm A great visit from Aunt Chris and Jill helped keep boredom and the blues away:IMG_1122sm In the middle of Sophie’s chemo regimen, Laith and Lucas flew up to Boston to celebrate Max’s college graduation! photo-6bsmCongrats Max!! Next adventure on his agenda: South Africa!IMG_0999A fun hike with Jill: IMG_1165smWe were so glad to be able to spend the majority of our DC time with our family in Fairfax. Baby Vallia is so happy and adorable we couldn’t get enough of her!

IMG_1097smIMG_1098smIMG_1104sm IMG_0903smLucas had a blast playing with Zayna and Amity. I love that they all play well together.IMG_0904smIMG_0909smIMG_1032smIMG_1037bsmIMG_0923smWe celebrated Senna’s First Birthday while we were in town! Senna did the same thing as Sophie on her first birthday: tears for the cake. Sooooo cute. We love you Senna!IMG_0933smIMG_0940smIMG_0971sm

We also got together to celebrate Memorial Day at Glamma’s condo. The weather was perfect and the kids ate their food on a picnic blanket by the lake! IMG_1185smIMG_1171smIMG_1176smIMG_1199sm

Thank you Glamma! IMG_1210bsm

I was so glad to be able to be present for all the family get-togethers (except for Max’s graduation) this round since I was so bummed about missing Easter. Thank you Laith for putting in extra time at the hospital! Lucas and Laith headed home a couple days before Sophie’s projected discharge and this was our happy homecoming! IMG_1244sm


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