April Misc

ABC_7902sm ABC_7910sm Awesome capes for our SuperKids in their favorite colors! Thank you Michelle!!!ABC_7917sm IMG_9954smABC_7921sm ABC_7924sm The shaggy hair was cute, but totally non-functional. Hair product didn’t even help. Now we can see our cute little boy!haircut a few days at home between hospital stays:IMG_0014sm IMG_0410sm IMG_0421sm IMG_0456sm
IMG_9966sm We picked Lucas up from a playdate looking like this! So funny!Untitled-2sm A visit with Anne and Tyler:Untitled-3 Untitled-4sm


1 thought on “April Misc

  1. Just read your last few posts and wanted to say, you’re doing an amazing job! I don’t give that sort of praise out lightly 🙂 You mentioned that Laith has held it together while you’re feeling done. Dan and I have an unspoken agreement that only one of us is allowed to fall apart at a time. So far, it’s worked out but we’ve only been through a fraction of what you guys are going through. I think 4 months of this would definitely have anyone feeling spent! You have so many people rooting for you and your family. I hope you’re able to lean on that and let everyone around you be that energy you need right now while you take care of yourself. We’re always thinking of you guys.


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