Dad and Janice’s Visit, DC, Easter

Not a whole lot of photos during this time. The stress and worry was high while we prepared for Sophie’s surgery and dealt with the immediate after-effects. It definitely rubbed off on Lucas- who was happy playing on the zoo sign but fussed and complained through the rest of our zoo trip with Dad and Janice. And I was sleep-deprived too so I was so impatient with him. I guess you just can’t pretend to be normal during a time like this- though we tried!IMG_9848sm We also tried to celebrate Easter. Sort of. I remembered to bring plastic eggs and also Lucas’ basket. But I stress-ate the entire 1 pound bag of pretzle m&ms so I had to buy candy in the vending machine in the condo basement for the egg hunt! I’m glad 5 year olds don’t mind. And I’m glad Laith and Lucas had a real Easter brunch to attend in Fairfax with family!IMG_9882sm Then the easter bunny went to visit Sophie after she was moved from the ICU to the regular ward.IMG_9883sm This photo belies her real condition: her arm flailed wildly to find it’s target in the basket and shortly after I took the pic, she tipped over backwards onto the bed. But the typical Sophie determination was there and she will persevere until she’s able to play and interact with her environment again.

IMG_9905sm She recovered phenomenally and we were able to return home just 4 days after surgery. IMG_9916sm Just in time to enjoy some quiet home time as well as playground time with GrandDad and Lao Yi before their trip to visit and help out was over.IMG_9945sm IMG_9947bsm


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