Many, many thank yous to Forrest Mitchell, who generously offered up her Bounce-N-Play business as our fundraiser location. She closed early that afternoon- forfeiting any income she would’ve made during that time and providing us with a really fun and festive environment!

We arrived early and Lucas went bonkers with the the place to himself!ABC_7838sm ABC_7848sm Karen and Lucas have so much fun together! ABC_7851sm Sophie was able to make a short appearance and was happy to ride the carouselABC_7867smand watch the fish with Addie!IMG_9711smThe handwashing station was almost as fun as the bouncy castles!ABC_7879sm she didn’t go down the slide, but it was a cute place for a photo 🙂ABC_7884smHighschool friends! So happy Wendy made the long drive down from Alexandria for the event!
ABC_7894sm And last but not least, Jenny- who conceived and organized the Fundraiser with a team of amazing women from my former Baby Boot Camp class. Thank you Jenny!ABC_7896smThis photo of my Boot Camp gals is missing a few, but I hope they know I appreciate them all so much!
299903_531109386899236_1691756064_nThank you so much to everyone who made this event possible and to all those who so generously donated and helped us raise enough money to cover all our not-covered-by insurance expenses related to Sophie’s care for the next YEAR! We looked at our finances and you guys have provided 100% of the funds for travel and food expenses to and from DC Children’s, (AND to and from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when the time comes for radiation), diapers that we’ve had to start buying again since she’s lost most of her potty training skills, gear to help Sophie with her hopefully temporarily lost physical skills, and a part-time mother’s helper for the days Laith goes to work and I’m at home with both kids! You are all so wonderful and we feel so taken-care-of! Also, it was a happy surprise to see friends travel from far away to support us- thank you Karen, Anne, Tori and Wendy!collageSM


2 thoughts on “Bounce-a-Thon

  1. So sorry I missed this Jenna. I would have loved to been able to come out and help support your cause. Somehow it did not come across my facebook page. So glad to hear it went so well. Thinking of you! Nell


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