Lots of March Snow

Our little Texas-born boy was excited to go out in the snow… until he was actually out in it. This lover of barefeet and playing with a backyard hose is much more suited for warm climates 🙂
IMG_9127smIt was fun seeing most of the neighborhood out in the street sledding, IMG_9112sm

building snowmen, and IMG_9083sm enjoying snowball fights!Untitled-1
IMG_9100smStrange pic of Laith (he stayed like this for kind of a long time so I had to just go ahead and take the photo!) but cute pic of Sophie- smiling once she was set down in the snow! She started stomping her feet and loved it!
IMG_9103sm IMG_9131sm IMG_9133smHad to get a photo of Sophie’s best friend Addie too! IMG_9139smBy the end of the day, Lucas was enjoying the snowy day more and more ABC_7828sm ABC_7834sm

And best of all, warming up at Lily’s house with snow slushies!IMG_9116sm

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