Round 3. Progress.

IMG_8281bwsmSophie has finished Round 3 with flying colors. Only 1-2 vomiting episodes per day and nothing like the exorcist-style fountains of puke like she used to have. She is also more playful, interactive and a little less fatigued than usual.

IMG_8305sm“Oh, is this a puke basin? Well, let’s repurpose it as a hat, shall we? I’m feeling great!” 🙂
IMG_8262smShowing Appley the colored bubbles in the blood draw/port access room

IMG_8293sm Sophie is CRAZY ABOUT choo choos.IMG_8301sm
Due to the horrible long-duration hospital stays following both Rounds 1 and 2, we decided to keep Sophie admitted through her “nadir and recovery”. Meaning, she will stay in the hospital while her blood counts continue to drop due to the chemo drugs and be at the ready for any electrolyte and hydration needs. We will also be able to see quickly when she needs blood transfusions. This pre-emptive strategy should keep her from getting REALLY sick like the last 2 times and enable her to return home for MUCH longer than 3 days before beginning round 4. We are likely looking at 8 more days here at Children’s. This is very hard for our whole family because we just don’t like being in a hospital and away from home but this isn’t about what we like. It’s about what’s best for Sophie’s health. We are happy to be at Children’s during this time as we believe the care here (and entertainment options for kids and families) are far superior to UVA. Lucas gets to enjoy time with extended family and I get to see a number of my long-time friends who live in the area. We’ve just embarked on a number of nutritional/alternative therapies to help Sophie through chemo and to help shrink the tumor faster. Thank you to everyone who did research for us and sent us recommendations and resources! We have a half-way-through-chemo MRI scheduled for the last week of February and we’ll let you know how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Round 3. Progress.

  1. Oh Jenna, she looks wonderful! You can just see in her eyes how much more energetic she’s feeling. It sounds like miss Sophie is just doing chemo her own way! So glad to hear you’ll have reached the halfway point soon. We think of you guys all the time and wish we could do more to help.


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