January Misc

IMG_7270smSophie spent pretty much all of January in a hospital (she had 2 days at the condo in Bethesda and 3 days at home in C-ville). IMG_7906SAMSUNGSo there aren’t many pictures to cull through or moments to memorialize on the blog this month, compared to other months. It’s getting so tiresome being stuck in isolation for so long. 10 days now. And this is still the beginning of her treatment. She’s only had 2 chemo cycles and each one is supposed to be harder and harder on her. I can’t even imagine. I’ve been reading other people’s caring bridge blog pages who have had kids diagnosed with medulloblastoma at age 2 and it seems like they’ve spent way less time in the hospital during their early days. It’s so hard not to compare and feel defeated.

It’s also hard because hospital food is so unhealthy and she gets disrupted sleep each night. If not from the nurses then from the monitors beeping or the kids crying down the hall. I strongly believe food is just like medicine and we need to offer her healthy choices and sleep is one of the most healing and restorative things you can do. Our one (HUGE) bright spot was that Sophie has surprised us with a few real smiles these past couple days and I even serendipitously caught the first laugh I’ve seen since Dec 24th on video the other day!

And here are some cute things Lucas has been up to:

We’ve gotten several very thoughtful and fun care packages from old friends. One of them contained a Junior Special Agent badge. Lucas is now ready to visit the FBI museum next time we are in DC!

Untitled-1am IMG_7842sm IMG_7758sm Neighborhood kids blowing bubbles with a bike horn. Look at all that pink! 🙂IMG_7717bsm Lucas-Mommy Date to the scented soap section at Whole Foods. This has been his favorite thing to do since he was 2 years old! 🙂IMG_7715sm


2 thoughts on “January Misc

  1. Keep laughing sweet Sophie! Those giggles are like magical music. Keep your head up Jenna. You are so unbelievably amazing and the Robinsons are here for you if you need anything!


  2. Glad to see Lucas is also thriving despite you travails. Looks like he’s already accumulating several hot dates with the ladies. Give him an extra hug from us and save a few for yourselves too. Ray and hillary


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