Karen’s Visit

This best friend of mine is amazing. She is spending her entire winter vacation (she’s a reading specialist in the school system) at our house helping and supporting us. For the past week she’s been our personal shopper, cook, dishwasher, and vomit containment and clean-up expert. On top of that she won Lucas over with an enviable amount of energy and playfulness so that he was more than happy to spend time with her while I took care of Sophie at home and then later at the UVA hospital (she was admitted for a high fever and then stayed for 3 blood transfusions, serious electrolyte imbalances and an antibiotics regimen). Her presence has made our lives so much better to the point where we’ve realized we need to hire a “Karen” locally for the end of every chemo cycle! Thanks for everything, Karen. Here’s hoping that our next visit has more play and less puke. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Karen’s Visit

  1. Thanks Karen for being such a trooper and good friend in the absence of extended family nearby. You are all amazing people especially Sophie and Lucas looks more like his dad every day


  2. Sorry to hear Sophie was hospitalized again. Hope you’re all doing better now. What an amazing friend! I don’t know what we would do without Dan’s mother coming to help after hospital stays. I’m glad you have someone taking care of all of you!


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