Last Pigtails

Just as expected, 10 days after IV chemo started, Sophie’s hair started falling out in clumps. I put her in pigtails or barrettes every day so that I could enjoy the cuteness of toddler hair before it fell out. Today I cut it super short so that it isn’t so messy or gets in her eyes as much while it sheds. It’s just hair, and she actually doesn’t even notice it’s gone, but it was sad to throw the clippings in the trash nonetheless. Both chemo and radiation cause hair loss so we are probably looking at age 3 1/2 before her hair is long enough for pigtails again.

IMG_7325sm IMG_7327sm IMG_7351sm ABC_7641sm ABC_7645sm ABC_7657sm Extra cuteness here: pigtails plus her little lips saying, “choo-choooooo!”ABC_7664sm


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