December Misc

Photos from Dec 1st through 31st…

Here’s our little fashionista: Mrs. Potato Head glasses and a pumpkin purse are today’s hottest accessories!IMG_6271smIMG_6259smUntitled-1sm

This photo cracked me up. Is it possible for 2 and 5 year olds to be this bored? 🙂
Lucas doing what he does…
ABC_7582sm Sophie discovers, yes, bananas really do make phone calls!img_6860sm IMG_6867sm IMG_6888sm IMG_6921smChemo is really rough on her super-sensitive body. She’s a tough girl, but her body is not. Sometimes, not even a car ride can distract her from her discomfort.IMG_7052sm Love that we have big huge windows at the hospitalIMG_7062sm Wish we could spend time enjoying these cool neighborhoods instead of just driving through on the way to Children’s.IMG_7099sm Snow falls outside our condo window.  Lucas wants to play in it but we are too busy shuttling back and forth to the hospital.IMG_7257smSophie has been vomiting 2-5x a day even on the anti-nausea medications.IMG_7134sm But when the meds are working for her, we are happy to be free to play in the hallway. Aunt Jill’s visit allowed us to manage both the IV pole and Sophie’s hard-to-steer-when-you’ve-got-double-vision bigwheel.IMG_7141sm Yay!IMG_7145sm IMG_7152sm A brief stay at home before our next hospital trip allowed for some fun painting that the kids could do together. Sophie asks for Lucas all the time when they are apart and visibly brightens up when he’s around. She associates him with home and healthiness. It’s hard to find things that they can both enjoy now that her function has made her regress to the skills of an 11 month old, but we are discovering more activities as we get used to this new normal.IMG_7181sm IMG_7182sm


3 thoughts on “December Misc

  1. Love the pic of the kids being bored! Too funny! Poor Sophie. Chemo is hard, even for adults. It must be really rough for her little body. I hope it gets easier or goes by quickly or just somehow isn’t so hard for her in the coming rounds. Vomiting is the worst. We went through a few months of that with Lily (for different reasons, of course) but it was really exhausting for everyone. I hope you’re getting lots of breaks and rest.

    I wanted to tell you about a group I joined on Facebook called Mommies of Miracles. It’s for any families with kids facing chronic illness. Last week they posted a bunch of different organizations that send things to families spending a lot of time in the hospital. One, called Hope and Playdoh, sends a package with Playdoh and something called a Hope Lantern to you while you’re inpatient. Your writing about finding activities for the kids to do together just made me think of it. The mom group also has a website with a really comprehensive resource page for all kinds of issues that families with chronically ill or disabled kids face.

    I’m glad to see your update. We’re keeping you in our thoughts and praying that everything goes smoothly in these coming months. Lots of strength and love to you all.


  2. God bless you. What a wonderful patient loving family you have become in the midst of a terrible crisis! We salute your courage in the face of such a tragedy. We also love your commentary. I’m sure that helps you maintain some kind of sanity. Love Uncle Ray and Auntie Hillary


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