Here’s Lucas at Glamma’s house. We had to travel up to DC for a quick hospital visit and she was ready for us with Christmas cookie decorating supplies, toys and books for the kids, and activities planned for Lucas while I was with Sophie.IMG_6736smIMG_6744sm Christine (Glamma) put out an amazing spread of food including kid-favorites like chicken fingers. Sophie, who is on steroids (which stimulates one’s appetite), ate nearly everything you see here in this photo. 🙂 She’s gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks and has the chubby baby look back again!IMG_6739smThis past weekend was our family Christmas.


We didn’t want to celebrate in a hospital and my good friend Jill was coming for the weekend so what better occasion to make some merriment! Jill helped wrap gifts (and entertain kids and cook some meals and clean loads of dishes. *thank you Jill!*) and we were all set for the holiday. The kids opened their presents and Laith made his signature amazing Sunday brunch and it felt almost normal and happy.


Not so many pictures this year though- because it really wasn’t a happy occasion: we had to pack for 4 days at Children’s National Medical Center in DC so Sophie could start her IV chemo regimen.


Fortunately we have lots of friends and family and even friends we haven’t met in person yet who have been more than generous with helping us in this strange new land of pediatric cancer.  Lea (who I know from photography and yoga mama circles back in Austin) came to our aid with an offer to let us stay in her mom’s vacant condo in a Maryland suburb of DC. We are so thankful! She left us lots of thoughtful goodies on the kitchen table. Including a treat from my favorite chocolate company. It was hard to share this snowman:  🙂

IMG_6998sm IMG_6980sm

Our first night in the hospital, Ravyn brought us Christmas dinner and Andrea, Ameer and their kids came up to visit us and shower us with presents and treats. It certainly helped lessen our anxiety and distract us from what we were there for. Thanks everybody for your support!


1 thought on “Christmas

  1. I’m so glad you have family and so many good friends close by to support you. I’m far away and can’t help in person but I hope you know I am thinking about you guys and sending love to you all constantly.


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