Waiting to be admitted to Children’s Hospital to start a 4 day in-patient chemo regimen:IMG_7007bsm She brought all her comfort-friends: Appley the kitty, Ponyo,IMG_7013sn and new Teddy- who has a hood just like SophieIMG_7019sm IMG_7029sm Chemo feels to me like signing our daughter up for blood-letting by leeches. Wreaking havoc on her body with the hopes of healing her by it. It’s so medieval but its our best modern option. It makes me sick to actually think about what must be done to attempt to shrink a tumor. We’ve basically consented to poisoning our beloved baby in an effort to poison the cancer too. An example of the toxicity of the chemo drugs: we have to wear gloves to change her diapers in case the excreted chemo in her diaper touches our skin!IMG_7034 IMG_7036

The good news though is that she’s tolerating it all really well so far. She had some vomitting on days 2 and 3 of the oral chemo medications at home and is just fatigued here starting day 2 at the hospital. But even a healthy person would be fatigued in a hospital. So many pokes, prods, tests, a barrage of nurses, docs, and therapists and after all that- nighttime sleep interruptions. An example of how the first 7 hours of strong chemo drugs can’t squelch Sophie’s happy, adorable fun-loving personality: (the tumor has caused facial nerve palsy, so while she can’t smile well, she can still laugh) 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chemo

  1. My heart goes out to you, Jenna. Chemo does seem so medieval. Glad to hear she’s tolerating it well. It’s amazing how in the moment these little ones can be. When there’s a pause in the poking and prodding, they’re right back to being kids! Good to hear/see her giggling!


  2. With all that you and your family are going through, just to see her be so funny and happy is a warm, loving pause among all the prodding and poking. Be thankful for the little things. My thoughts and love are with you and your family.
    Kate Cronin


  3. Praying for you, Sophie, Laith and Jenna. Glad to hear she’s tolerating chemo well. That’s crazy- had no idea chemo chemicals were so potent that gloves were needed. Again, I wish for a speedy recovery.


  4. You are all part of an amazing family and we all support and salute your courage, patience tenacity and loving spirit. I hope we can finally get to meet your amazing daughter. It was great seeing Lucas at Christmas. Keep us posted


  5. I only know you through my awesome physical therapist here in Bend. I am so thankful that she shared Sophie’s story with me and that we get to be a part of your journey. I am praying for all of you and that beautiful little thing 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  6. Sending so much love. Sophie has our hearts, for sure. Our SuperMax and little Mae-Mae send their love too. Our kids would rock it together. This is such a long and arduous road and we’ve found love to fuel the path forward. You all exude the qualities needed to survive this heartbreaking journey. Even as our kids survive, we’re forever changed, in some ways for the better but with some damages as well. Our hearts are with you. We’d love to send Sophie a Cloud b Twilight Turtle, if someone could message me with an address ( Thanks! Sending tons of Momma love!


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