At Home

Zayna and Lucas set up a Welcome Home  Tea Party for Sophie:IMG_6571smSophie and I left for home just in time for her to nap in the car during the drive. Laith and Lucas stayed in Fairfax to drive my mom to the airport for her day-long flight back to AZ. It was SOOOOO nice to have her here with us- as horrible as it sounds, I wanted my mom to have “good pre-op Sophie time” in case something catastrophic happened during her brain surgery. But more than that, she was more helpful than she could ever know just by being present and an emotional support. She also helped with getting us what we needed at the hospital as well as making sure Lucas still got the attention he needed too.

When Sophie and I arrived in our driveway we were treated to a raked yard, Christmas lights strung, and a big Welcome Home poster made by the neighborhood kids. When we walked inside Sophie pointed towards the fireplace and exclaimed, “Tree!!!” It was beautiful! Decorated and lit up with little presents underneath. My friends from Baby Boot Camp had set it all up for us, including little ribbon and ornament decorations hanging from each window, a wreath on our door and our mantel covered in pine branches and candycanes. What a treat! Our house felt so happy and welcoming- so very needed to boost our downtrodden and frayed-around-the edges selves. As soon as I walked into the kitchen to set down some bags I noticed another surprise- it was so clean! Our whole house was clean! Our neighbor Natalie had hired her cleaner to do our house while we were gone at the hospital. It was so nice not to have to do a single thing upon arriving home except to enjoy Sophie’s company. I’m so thankful for our amazing friends.

IMG_6593sm IMG_6597sm IMG_6601sm

Our first day back was very challenging. Sophie remains an insomniac- getting only 2 hours TOTAL of sleep per night with lots of crying, whining and moaning in between the short bouts of sleep. She’s trying so hard to settle but it’s just not happening for her. Tonight we have a prescribed narcotic to help and hopefully we’ll all get some rest. Sophie also continues to need CONSTANT supervision. She’s so unstable (emotionally because she’s sleep deprived and physically because she’s off balance), so hungry she tries to eat unusual things (the steroids caused her to eat like an elephant- 3 pounds gained in 5 days!), and it’s all we can do to keep her happy plus we have Lucas to consider and love as well. While we have ER visits, calls with doctors, appointments to schedule and self-educating on the road we are about to travel, it’s very nice to have so many people helping us out in so many ways.

And here are a few pics of my good friend Ravyn who came to visit us during our first night at the hospital, bearing an amazing dinner that reminded me of Austin memories and her cozy comforting home. She came again the night before Sophie’s surgery and helped me give her a bath and extra playtime. I’m so happy she lives nearby!

IMG_6539sm IMG_6544sm IMG_6550sm

7 thoughts on “At Home

  1. Because you guys are such good people, you naturally draw other good people wherever you go. Wishing you all a restful night tonight. Love from Austin.


  2. I would also like to thank your wonderful friends!
    Jenna, I would be happy to prepare several days’ worth of food (soups, chicken dishes, pastas, sandwiches, salads), etc. to your specifications to “keep the home fires burning” while you and Sophie attend to treatment next week. I can cook here or there, your choice. Or I could do this another time if you’re covered for now, such as right before you and Sophie return so your fridge is stocked. Let me know, it would be my privilege. In the words of the great cook and writer, Camille Glenn, “Good food is a gift to all–she who prepares it and she who eats it.”
    Sending you HUGE love and energy to make it through the night. FIngers crossed it will go better tonight. Hugs to dear Sophie and Lucas, and to their loving and courageous parents. “Sleep in peace, God is awake.”


  3. Wow, what an emotional rollercoaster!! What an amazing support network you have too! Continued best wishes as you move forward with test results and treatment. We have you in our thoughts and prayers! Love, Megan (Poyhonen) and family


  4. We are more than relieved to hear that you are home and enjoying your time together while preparing for any next steps and treatments. You have no earthly idea how much Ransom and I, and Ami and your friends here in Austin have been thinking about you all and sending very positive thoughts. It is even reassuring to us to know what wonderful friends and family you have with you up there giving you support and help. What a great thing. We are happy that you all have each other. We will continue to wish for a speedy resolution and recovery for all of you so you can all relax and enjoy your holidays at home with everything behind you….


  5. Glad to hear you have such amazing friends. I can imagine how helpful that is to come home to a clean house and to spend extra time with Sophie and Lucas. I’ll keep up with her progress from afar. If there’s anything I can do from Seattle just let me know.


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