Good News

Sophie’s brainstem tumor was successfully biopsied and she has recovered well enough to be discharged to our care this afternoon while we wait for biopsy results and a treatment plan! Her tumor continues to grow in the meantime- affecting her vision, hearing and balance/coordination on her right side. She needs constant close supervision while she figures out that she can’t do the things she used to do safely. The doctors prescribed high-dose steroids to counteract any swelling caused by the tumor that may be further affecting her function. The bad news with that though is that the side-effects are unbearable: she’s ravenous, cranky and restless much of the time and unable to sleep more than 10-40 minutes before she’s awake again for a 3-4 hour stretch. This happens all night long as well as in the daytime. We are hoping her doctors can prescribe something else to help with this before treatment starts. We are looking forward to going home together and getting some rest after these past several hectic and stressful days.


2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Jenna and Laith,We just heard from John and our hearts are broken. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you are in good hands at this medical center. While we are far away, we are thinking of you daily. Sophie will beat this. We are big believers in the power of prayer and we are praying.Love, Nancy and Joe


  2. Jenna,
    I am so sorry to hear what is happening with your beautiful little Sophie. My heart is hurting for you. Please know that I am calling out to God on your family’s behalf…for incredible wisdom and knowledge for her doctors, miraculous healing for her, and peace and rest for all of you. I will continue praying and will be on the lookout for another update.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Cape Cod,
    Emma Josselyn


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