Sophie turns TWO!

No longer a baby!

It’s amazing- starting at around 22 months, Sophie went warp-speed from Baby into Little Girl. Starting with potty training! At this point she’s just dry during the day and wears diapers for sleeping, but I think she’s ready to ditch naptime diapers- I’m just not ready to risk interrupted naps due to accidents!

Then it was on to clearer speech- she says two word sentences and now communication much easier. There is still a lot of babble and still a lot we don’t understand (like what does bye-ooo mean? She says it a lot and we can’t figure it out!) 🙂

And finally, the big girl bed! We’ve kept her in the crib even though she can climb out quickly and gracefully, but lately she’s been asking to sleep in Lucas’ bed and tries to snuggle under his blanket when I say it’s nap time. So we got her a twin mattress. She loves her new bed and only had one brief wake-up the first night and after that smooth sailing!

Next on our radar is getting rid of the highchair tray- but I hesitate to toss it when she’s such a messy eater! Lucas was eating with us at the table by 18 months and using utensils- but Sophie is clearly her own person and is actually the opposite of him in which skills she develops earlier-than-usual or later-than-usual. 🙂

Stats: 31 1/2 inches tall (5th percentile), and we haven’t had her weighed yet, but I think that will be low for her age as well. She wears size 18-24 month clothing but can still fit into some things that are 12 mo depending on the brand.

I’m so happy she’s two years old- babyhood is hard! Age two (for Lucas as well) is when the fun really begins! Yipee!

Okay, time for the birthday interview questions:

Yearly Interview with Sophie: 

  • What colors do you like, Sophie? (I show her a picture of all the colors): “Red! Blue! Pink! Purple!”
  • What do you like to do? She’s not going to be able to answer this one, so I will. She likes playing outside, singing her own songs, balls, collecting rocks, chasing and jumping games, playgrounds, the downtown mall, playing with water, and reading books.
  • Who’s your best friend? “Addie”
  • What foods do you like? (I open fridge to show her choices):  “Blue!” Translation: Kefir in blue packaging. She also likes allergy-free mac n cheese, raspberries, strawberry-banana-spinach smoothies, cheerios, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, and popcorn
  • (Standing at her book display) Give me the books you like: “Blue Hat Green Hat”, “Goodnight Moon”, and “5 Silly Monkeys”
  • What did you dream about last night, Sophie? “Big doll”.

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