September Misc

Sophie found my 37 year old teddy bear (bought for me by my mom when I was 10 days old) She grew very attached and we had to put one of her shirts on it to keep the stuffing in! 🙂my adorable little lunchcake lucas

The big kids on our street leave their sports equipment lying around in the cul-de-sac so, naturally, Lucas has to give it a go! He played a LOT with this skateboard and with his balance skills, he got a hang of it quickly!

This was a little trail we discovered that led out the backside of a shopping strip mall. Lucky find! It was beautiful!




This was Lucas’ expression when Sophie wasn’t interested in dressing up as a ladybug to join him. So I put the costume on instead (and no, there will be no pictures of me in that get-up!) 🙂



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