Knoxville: Visiting Karen and Matt

Our first Lucas-Mommy Roadtrip! And my first time leaving Sophie for more than several hours. She did great with Daddy-time and it was a wonderful experience for all of us! I learned some lessons on the car ride down to Knoxville (namely, don’t assume your kid can start his nighttime sleep in the car and then be smoothly transferred into a new bed in a new house without waking for 2 hours in the interim and then not falling asleep until 1:30am) Ugh! On the plus side, when he awoke early and cranky that morning and I wanted to try and eke out another hour of sleep, Karen was awesome enough to think of this possibility and had set this wonderful welcome basket in our room for Lucas to play with!!

So happy to be living closer to this gal:Stayyyyy. No, not you, Lucas. Just the doggies. 🙂Lucas remembers AnnieBanannie!We went on an outing to Mast General Store- which has barrels upon barrels of nickel candy that you can mix into a giant treat bag. Here Lucas is pretending to be a dragon eating a castle:We also went to the Knoxville Zoo! Lucas had a strange rapport with this monkey-thing. They stared at eachother while the monkey danced around him trying to get closer!He was surprised to see how small a penguin could beAnd no zoo trip is complete unless you’ve ridden atop a giant rooster!Or a giant hare!It was scorching hot during our stay but we were thankful we had sunshine instead of rain and that the Hortons had this gigantic blow-up pool!Lucas loves his Aunt Karen!See, I’m not the only one who wants to gobble up this cute little boy!


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