Knoxville: Gabby’s 6th Birthday Party


We were so happy to be able to coordinate a trip to visit Karen and Matt Horton with Gabby’s 6th birthday party! Lucas loves spending time with cousins and it’s great to visit with family more frequently than we did when we were living in Austin!

Gabby eagerly anticipated the guests arriving while Laila and her friend Lara (who has been to culinary school in France! The hor d’oerves she made were soooo good…) finished up the food prep, baking and last-minute details:

It was a slip-and-slide party! Perfect for the summer heat. Doug demonstrated since this was a first time activity for a lot of the kids:The birthday girl went first: Perfect 10 sliding form! 🙂Doug hurled Neko down the slide like a little bowling ball down a lane- it was so funny and cute! When you’re fearless and coordinated but too small to get momentum going, some extra manpower is needed!Lucas loved it and got some good distance!I love it that despite the 24 month age gap, these guys became quick friends! Neko has the language and social skills of a kid twice his age, and I enjoyed seeing them play this point my batteries died in my camera-phone and I started using Laila’s camera for the rest of the party. Will have to get those image files soon! 🙂 All in all it was a very successful party- both the kids and the adults had a blast with good (no, make that AMAZING) food, Laila’s infamous desserts, fun activities and good friends. 🙂


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