Little Scientist

This year we are homeschooling Lucas for pre-K. He is beyond-thrilled with the idea of learning things usually reserved for elementary school-aged kids and of course all the extra time with Mommy. I’m happy to enjoy him for one more year of pure childhood before all the outside influences of school life kick in. We’re not following a curriculum- he’s already got the bases covered for what he needs to know in Kindergarden next year. The plan is just to encourage his love of learning. And right now he’s VERY into science experiments and instructional videos. 🙂 So here’s Lucas demonstrating liquid density and polarity in a fun homemade lava lamp!


1 thought on “Little Scientist

  1. #1 That was the cooolest experiment ever! Tell Lucas I said, “thank you for teaching me!”

    #2 I am going to share that with a few of the teachers I work with 🙂


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