Dad and Janice Visit

Dad and Janice came for a short visit during the week of July 4th. It was great to spend time together and for the kids to make some fun memories with their grandparents!

Sophie loves the neighborhood swing and enjoyed showing Lao-Yi some fun! 

Lucas has been looking forward to sparklers and fireworks for months and was so excited when July 4th was finally here!
He showed GrandDad and Lao Yi some of his “fire dancing” routinesThe sparklers ended up being much more interesting than the city’s fireworks show this year. Next year we’ll bring a picnic blanket and snacks to make it all more fun for the kids. (Sophie was put to bed at her usual time and slept through it all)For my Dad’s birthday, we got a sitter for Sophie (Laith isn’t in this photo because he’s tending to Lucas’ bug-bite trauma) and all hiked up to Humpback Rocks for celebratory carrot cake muffins with a happy-birthday candle that wouldn’t stay lit in the breeze. 🙂 The view from here is always gorgeous

Thanks for making the LOOONNNG flight out to visit, Dad and Janice! We look forward to seeing you again soon!


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