The Latest with Lucas

Here Lucas has set up shop as a “candle seller”! After I make my purchase he gives me a stamped piece of paper as my receipt! 🙂

Some days the only way to enjoy the hot outdoors is in a shaded umbrella fort!

or at the pool! We love that we’re within walking distance of this awesome city pool. Lucas will begin swim lessons next week and we’ve got our fingers crossed that he’ll become confident and skilled enough to venture deeper than this when he’s not in our arms!


Hot days are also good for indoor lego fun. Lucas can play for an hour or so on his own just building various vehicles and towers and making up stories to go along with his creations!

These are the hats my mom sent in a care package recently. Lucas decided Sophie would like the cream-colored one because it was the softest of the 3 we received and he knows she likes soft things. Such a sweet brother.

Our most exciting news is that after visiting a couple different karate dojos, Lucas picked this highly-structured and competitive Tae Kwon Do school. He LOVES it and would go every day if he could. He’s already making great progress!

He’s been so busy and active that some afternoons look like this for him. Sweet dreams, Lucas!


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