May Misc

Our Cutie Lucas who doesn’t want to be called CUTE anymore because he’s a big boy! 🙂

Discovered growing in our backyard! Thank you previous owner of our house! 🙂

peekaboo! Laith is such a fun Daddy!

Lucas is getting past his frustration with fine motor skills and starting to paint faces, people and sunshines again (instead of scribbles) after a year hiatus:

Sophie uses both hands for her art!

Love love LOVE these new porch rockers that were gifts from my mom!!! Thank you Mom!

Some oversize fun at Lily’s house for the kids:

And some oversize fun for the adults!

Our new “sandbox”

Our favorite burger joint at the UVA Corner- not only is the food amazing but the kids can squirm around on the couch-like seating to their hearts content!

It’s starting to get hot now at the end of May. Time for lots of car washes!

Sophie can swing herself so high on this!

The kids often ask to come play at the UVA Lawn at the Rotunda:

More sandbox time!

Lucas and Laith enjoy some icecream on the front porch:

Lunches have become more and more entertaining these days:

We found puddles on the basketball court at Washington Park!

I photographed this only because when she skinned her knee she popped back up, said “ow”, and continued playing. I had no idea she was bleeding until I put my happy baby in the swing!! She’s a tough one!


1 thought on “May Misc

  1. The kids are so cute! And so big! I love the pics of them but I have to say that picture of Laith with the huge ale bottle is hilarious. Hope there were lots of adults to share in that fun 😉


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