Baby Bootcamp Photos

Feb 8th, I started a steady exercise program for the first time since we moved to VA. I had the hardest time getting back into shape because so much of my identity was tied up in being the fit or sporty girl that I was discouraged and defeated every time I’d attempt my out-of-shape version of running/yoga/hiking and I wouldn’t make it more than a week or two. When I started Baby Boot Camp, it was the first day of a yearly challenge the organization puts on. We did pre-tests and measurements. There would be prizes and parties. This was all the motivation I needed and so I hopped on board! 3 months later I’ve gained so much strength and stamina! In fact, I improved my fitness so much that I was one of the Challenge winners and got a $50 gift certficate! Yay! Since I’m not posting photos of myself yet (I’m still not anywhere near my pre-Sophie weight or shape), here are some cute pics of the kids working out with me! šŸ™‚

These next few pictures were taken at the baby boot camp anniversary party. The instructor brought all kinds of healthy treats to share and invited the fire truck!

This last picture is kind of sad but so cute and classic I had to include it! Sophie fell in love with Mayci’s doll and stroller and was quite offended when Mayci reclaimed it:


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