April Miscellaneous

The month started out beautifully cool- good for overalls and handmade sweaters (the one Lucas is wearing is made by his GGma!)

And it was warm enough to go on lots of bike rides.  Sophie the thrill-seeker LOVES riding fast, but here she is just wondering when we’re going to get going already!

Love her blue eyes

Sophie’s is getting long eyelashes just like her brother!

Looking down while I walk Lucas to preschool:

An awesome hand-me-down present from Amity and Zayna!

Sometimes when Lucas picks out his own outfit for the day he channels Dieter the Euro Robot. Or something. Tell me how you would describe his style in the comments… I’m having difficulty putting it in words, but it sure does make me laugh!

At Bounce N Play, their favorite indoor play space:

Lucas lay here gazing at this picture of Jane Goodall and a baby chimp for 15 minutes. Probably imagining what it must be like to live her amazing life.

I must admit, I’m transfixed by this photo too:

Our new fort:


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